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CityAdmin Online Library Tutorial

For a more detailed version of this tutorial, please visit here.

Accessing an Agency’ Site

  1. From the Main Menu, select your agency site by either mousing over General City Agencies or Land Use Agencies.
  2. Once you find your agency, click on its name and you’ll be redirected to the select agency’ site.
  3. At the agency’ site you will be presented with information about the agency, a link to its official website, and the most important element, a menu option to its File Manager.


How to use the File Manager

The File Manager is the CityAdmin tool which allows users to manage the agency’s file and folders repository.

  1. Select File Manager from the Main Menu.
  2. Once selected, you will be redirected to the site’s login screen.
  3. Enter the unique Username and Password to access the Dashboard.
  4. Once login validation has been passed, you’ll be presented with the File Manager window.
  5. At the File Manager window, you’ll be presented with the file root folder. In this example we are presented with the DOB root folder. ***Note: As an administrator, you have the responsibility to either edit its title name (not recommended) or delete its entire content (not recommended). Do not change the title of the root folder.
  6. To access the files and folders, click on either the folder’s title name or, on the left navigation, select the root folder name located below the File Manager option.
  7. Once inside the root folder/directory, you’ll be presented with all the functionality the File Manager has to offer.
  • Directory Path: This is where you are able to navigate thru your folder directory. This will allow you to return back to any of your parent folders as well.
  • Folder/File Listing: Lists all folders or files contained within a parent folder.
  • Add File: This allows you to locate the file you will like to upload or add to the selected folder as shown in the Directory Path. Also it provides you with options to overwrite a file with the same name and automatically clean the file name. It is recommended these two options to be selected at all times.  E.g. If I need to add the file test-file.pdf to the folder APPN 2005 located inside the APPN folder at the root DOB folder, my File Manager window will show me my Directory Path as well as the chosen file. Once the file has been added/uploaded, it will be listed within the Folder/File Listing area where you’ll be presented with options to Delete a file permanently or Edit the file information. If you choose to edit the file information, you can rename the file and change the file title. If you feel satisfied with your changes, you need to update by pressing the Update button within the Publish window.
  • Add Folder: Allows you to create a new folder within the root Folder or any other subfolder. Same as files, once a Folder is created you’ll be presented with options to either Delete a folder and its content permanently or Edit the folder information (not recommended.)
  • Syncronize: Allows you to sync files only if you made changes to files directly using FTP or another program.
  1. Signing Off – in the upper right corner under “Howdy, Username”, you’ll be presented with options to edit your Profile and Log Out. You must select Log Out in order for the system to close your session and exclude anyone from accessing the File Manager using your account.