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Since its creation in 1988, the Mayor’s Office of Contracts has assisted City agencies in complying with procurement procedures and in improving their contract management practices, particularly in the area of business integrity assessment.

One of the Office’s many functions is to decide appeals finding City contractors to be non-responsible. Pursuant to the Procurement Policy Board Rules, the City may award contracts only to responsible contractors. A responsible contractor is one that has the capability in all respects to perform fully the contract requirements and the business integrity to justify the award of public tax dollars. For a list of some of the factors that affect a contractor’s responsibility, please consult the PPB Rules § 2-08.

Agency determinations of non-responsibility are first made by the Agency Chief Contracting Officer (ACCO). A determination of non-responsibility is not a bar to bidding on future contracts. Rather it is a determination that awarding a particular contract to a particular contractor would not be in the best interest of the City. No City agency is required to deny an award to a vendor simply because the vendor has previously been found non-responsible.

Vendors may appeal ACCO determinations of non-responsibility to the respective agency head and then to the City Chief Procurement Officer (CCPO). The CCPO can uphold a non-responsibility determination for any reason, even a ground that was not cited by the agency. The CCPO can also reverse a non-responsibility determination based on information that was not in the record before the agency. The CCPO’s decisions are posted on the Center for New York City Law’s web site.

The Mayor’s Office of Contracts also maintains a comprehensive contract information system known as Vendex, supports continued outreach to the vendor community, and maintains the Public Access Center. The Public Access Center is available to the general public and provides visitors to our office access to public contract information. In conjunction with the Financial Information Services Agency and all the Mayoral agencies, the office maintains centralized, citywide bidders and proposers lists, which agencies use to solicit vendors. Vendors can submit just one application – free of charge – and be placed on citywide lists used by all agencies. The on-line Vendor Enrollment Application is available at