LOFT – Loft Board

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Orders (1996 – Present)

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The New York City Loft Board was established to resolve issues regarding the legalization and regulation of certain loft buildings converted to residential use. The Board is charged with responsibilities that include: determination of Loft Law coverage issues, rent disputes, legalization deadline extension applications, and other controversies presented by landlords and tenants; enforcement of residential legalization deadlines set forth in the Loft Law; and enforcement of minimum housing maintenance standards for buildings under the Board’s jurisdiction.

The Loft Board resolves many types of disputes between owners and residential tenants of interim multiple dwellings, including disputes over the legal rent for a unit, complaints concerning building conditions, harassment allegations, issues arising from the departure of a tenant from a unit, issues resulting from the process of legalizing the buildings, and requests by owners for extensions of the statutory legalization deadlines. These disputes are settled through adjudicative proceedings. Persons seeking relief through the Loft Law file applications for such proceedings and affected parties are given an opportunity to answer. Depending upon the nature of the controversy, decisions may be made on the papers before or after a hearing. These proceedings are conducted by hearing officers at the Loft Board as well as the Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings. The hearing officers submit reports and recommendations to the Loft Board, which decides the cases by a majority vote at its monthly public meeting. The Center for New York City Law posts for reference purposes all Loft Board decisions beginning in 1996 to the present. Official copies of these decisions can be obtained at the Loft Board’s Offices.