DOB – Department of Buildings

Decisions Posted on Site:
Operational Policy and Procedure Notices (OPPN) (1999 – Present)
Technical Policy and Procedure Notices (TPPN) (1999 – Present)
Administrative Policy and Procedure Notices (APPN) (1999 – Present)
The DOB website contains PPNs from 1987 to present; earlier years are in PDF format.

These notices represent official policies of the Department to assist customers in following various operational and technical procedures.

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The New York City Department of Buildings (DOB) enforces standards for the construction and use of buildings within the five boroughs to ensure the safety of the public. It does this by administering and enforcing the City’s Building Code, Electrical Code and Zoning Resolution, New York State Labor Law, and New York State Multiple Dwelling Law.

To meet its mandate, the Department:

  • Reviews applications and plans for new construction, and the alteration or demolition plans of existing structures
  • Issues building permits
  • Performs inspections of new or substantially altered buildings to assure that construction has been completed according to the appropriate codes and laws, and then issues Certificates of Occupancy
  • Performs periodic inspections of elevators and certain types of boilers
  • Licenses various construction trades, including plumbers, electricians and crane operators
  • Investigates complaints, typically concerning illegal construction or zoning infractions
  • Updates the Building Code to reflect social and technological innovations

DOB consists of operating offices in each borough and an Executive office in Manhattan where policy is formulated and agency-wide administrative, technical, and legal activities occur. There are also centralized offices for the Boiler Division, Elevator Division, and Bureau of Electrical Control.

Members of the general public typically frequent the Department to obtain property records, register complaints, or resolve violations. The Department’s most frequent customers are building owners, developers, architects, engineers, and members of the construction industry whose work is regulated for the safety of the Citywide community.

All of these decisions are posted on the Center for New York City Law’s web site as they are issued. All decisions issued beginning on January 1, 1999 are included. If you cannot find the PPN you need, please check the DOB web site.