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Advisory Opinions (1989 – Present)
Enforcement Dispositions (1992 – Present)

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New York City Charter Chapter 68 (“Conflicts of Interest”) identifies as its purpose the preservation of the trust placed in public servants of the City. Chapter 68 establishes the Conflicts of Interest Board, whose five members are appointed by the Mayor with the advice and consent of the City Council. Board members may hold no other public office, may not be a public employee in any jurisdiction, may hold no political party office, and may not appear as a lobbyist before the City. The Board has jurisdiction over all officials, officers, and employees of the City, including all City elected officials. The Board administers the City’s ethics code by training public servants about the law’s requirements, by rulemaking, by giving advice to public servants about their proposed conduct, and by prosecuting violations of the law.

In its advice giving role, the Board, pursuant to Charter Section 2603(c), responds to requests from prospective, current, and former public servants about their proposed future conduct. The Board’s formal advisory opinions (as opposed to its more numerous informal advice letters) are issued publicly, with deletions to prevent disclosure of the identity of the parties involved. Since its creation in 1989 the Board has issued 196 advisory opinions, starting with a new number each year (e.g., 98-1, 98-2). All of these opinions are posted on the Center’s web site. Also available on the web site are the Board’s enforcement dispositions from 1992 to the present. The Board is grateful to the Center for New York City Law of New York Law School for making the text of each of these opinions available on this site.